Nerd Bird

About Us. Why we do what we do.

Volunteer Positions

Tournament Admin - Deals with game-day logistics, answers players questions, reports scores, deals with tie-breakers, and any other things that may come up during a tournament.

Shoutcaster - Dedicated streamer to cast and stream our Nerd Bird tournaments, shifts range from 4-8 hours. All experience and non-experienced welcomed.

Know a position we're missing, something you'd be perfect for? Let us know in the application below! We'd love to have you on board!

The Nerd Bird Mission

First and foremost, dedication to the community through quality events and service are our top priorities. Nerd Bird is comprised of a small but dedicated group of individuals, who want to bring together the League of Legends community in San Antonio by hosting LAN parties and other eSports events.

We strive to give each and every Bird within our community dedicated service, and an even playing field during our events. All of our online or in-person tournaments are elo-balanced so that on average each team is the same rank/mmr/elo. We want players of all skill levels, of all roles, and of all ages to feel welcomed in the Nerd Bird community. We also want Nerd Bird volunteers who share that same mission. If you're interested in becoming a tournament admin, shoutcaster or another position (something we don't know exists), feel free to submit an application!

Kaitlin Teniente

Co-Founder & President

Eddie Aviles

Head Tournament Admin
Twisting Time

Colin LaPenotiere

Head Shoutcaster

Victoria St. John

Events Coordinator
Fortis Pugnan

Michael Perry


Douglas O'Meara

Co-Founder (Retired)
Comeback Kids