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19 May 2018

You can find our stream here!
Tournament bracket is below.

Game: League of Legends
Venue: Online - NA Server
Date: Saturday, 19th of May 2018
Teams: Bring your own team!

Special thanks to DreamHack for their prize support.

League of Legends Tournament

Team Sign Up: Here!
Rulebook & Schedule: Here!
Tournament Format: Round robin group stage, into a single elimination finals bracket. Semi-finals and finals will be a best of 3 games.

Tournament Winners & Prizes

1st Prize: 3-Day General Admission DreamHack Austin Pass
+ PonderousSealion, Disinhibition, Pizzle Pop Off, Chancellor Sama, Wise Papa Smurf

Giveaway Winners & Prizes

Giveaway Prize: 1 General Admission Dreamhack Pass

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