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8 October 2016

No VODs of this tournament exist.
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Tournament bracket is below.

Game: League of Legends
Venue: UTSA Denman Ballroom
Date: Saturday, the 8th of October
Teams: Elo-balanced
Format: Round robin into single elim. finals

Tournament Winners & Prizes

1st Place: 1500 RP, Triumphant Ryze, Mystery Icon, “SA eSports” T-Shirt
+ BigDawg77, 2K T Pizzle, Chancellor Sama, Ubiquitous Turnip, SteeledSlagle13
2nd Place: 1000 RP, Mystery Icon for each player
+ DummerJack7, Ahmed, Chaoster, BoraBoo, QTRushiPatootie
3rd-4th Place: Mystery Icon
All Players: Received a free “Im A Boosted LANimal” sticker

Tournament Recap

         Due to new restrictions imposed to UTSA administration, almost everyone who played in this LAN had to bring a laptop due to power restrictions- teams were restricted to one desktop per team.
         Team 8, who placed second, exceeded expectations as their highest ranked player withdrew from the tournament less than 8 hours before it began and was replaced by a lower ranking sub. Despite having the weakest team on paper, Team 8 was able to beat their opponents through good communications, shot calling, and everyone being strong in their role, going undefeated in the group stage. They only lost to the Zookeepers, who rounded up all the Boosted Animals and put them in their cages. The Zookeepers were stacked with Nerd Bird legends, such as Chancellor Sama, Ubiquitous Turnip, and LP T Pizzle who had all won tournaments in the past.

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