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12 March 2016

The VOD is below or here on Youtube.
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Tournament bracket is below.

Game: League of Legends
Venue: UTSA Denman Ballroom
Date: Saturday, the 12th of March 2016
Teams: Elo-balanced
Format: Round robin into single elim. finals

Winners of the SteelSeries drawing: Polio is Chill (Apex Gaming Keyboard), Enter the Void (Siberia V3 Gaming headset), Zheroh (Apex Gaming Keyboard)

Tournament Winners & Prizes

1st Place: 4200RP, Triumphant Ryze, and a 10-Win IP Boost for each player
+ Charl, Zheroh, Keng Teong, Acefire97, Firefox509
2nd Place: 3000RP, and a 10-Win IP Boost for each player
+ SRV IS SRV, ElMexicant, The Rengod, ShirtyElm2960, EnsuingTaco
3rd Place: 1800RP, and a 10-Win IP Boost for each player
+ Mirimac, Weava, The Names Zero, Dalwy, Polio Is Chill
4th Place: 1000RP, and a 10-Win IP Boost for each player
+ KingSlayerDan, Enter the Void, drummerjack7, Best Rick NA, PonderousSealion
5th-8th Place: 10-Win IP Boost for each player

Tournament Recap

         The last LAN event of the 2016 Spring semester started off rocky when power problems caused the start of the tournament to be delayed for over an hour. Thankfully everything was resolved and it turned out to be one of the best LAN events to date. The amount of prizes (rp cards, League swag, and Steel Series Keyboards + Mouse) and the upgrade to a larger room made this event very hype.
         The finals of this event were a nail biter and one of the only finals in Nerd Bird history that went the full 3 games. Game 1 went to Team Tilt behind the impressive performance of SRV IS SRV who was able to win lane and snowball his lead against a player that was over a full tier over him in rank. Team RIP Muffin was able to make adjustments after game 1 by sending their highest ranked player, Charl, top to deal with the aggressiveness of SRV's Volibear and Darius. The flexibility that team RIP Muffin displayed led to them being able to effectively counter the threats of Team Tilt and allowed them to come back from a 0-1 deficit to win the finals 2-1. This victory cemented Firefox509's position as top 5 on the leaderboards.

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