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6 February 2016

The VOD is below or here on Youtube.
Full album here.
Tournament bracket is below.

Game: League of Legends
Venue: UTSA Travis & Harris Room
Date: Saturday, the 6th of February 2016
Teams: Elo-balanced
Format: Round robin into single elim. finals

Tournament Winners & Prizes

1st Place: 4200RP, Triumphant Ryze, and a 10-Win IP Boost for each player
+ Mirimac, LP T Pizzle, PonderousSeaLion, NoahthePretzel, Ensuing Taco
2nd Place: 3000RP, and a 10-Win IP Boost for each player
+ SRV IS SRV, ShirtyElm, pspman, The BRINK, Mikols
3rd Place: 1800RP, and a 10-Win IP Boost for each player
+ ElMexicant, Charl, Arcozo, flubbrducky, SAGA BlackNutADA
4th Place: 1000RP, and a 10-Win IP Boost for each player
+ Mister Idiot, Elitemuffin, Acefire97, Firefox509, Kindslayerdan
5th-8th Place: 10-Win IP Boost for each player

Tournament Recap

         An interesting LAN where we held the group stage in 2 seperate rooms. For this LAN we had to tackle the logistical challenge of a 3-way-tie in group stages for the first time. We ultimately decided upon the Guantlet Rule, where the edge was given to the team who would normally advance out of groups by technicallity but every team had a chance to fight for their way out of groups. Even though the team that would've normally advanced anyways ended up winning the Guantlet, everyone walked away happy feeling like they had decided their own fate.
         In the first round of the bracket stage, eventual winners Procrastination Station were able to flex their muscles when jungler Ponderous Sealion and mid laner and Nerd Bird legend LP T Pizzle revealed their deadly combination of Master Yi and Zilean- a nightmarish combination that resulted in a 600 movement speed unkillable, unslowable Master Yi with a bomb on his head. After getting a pentkill and completely destroying their opposition in that game, Master Yi would be banned away from them for the remainder of the tournament. This tournament would mark the beggining of LP T Pizzle's dominance in Nerd Bird events.

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