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7 November 2015

The VOD is below or here on Youtube.
There are no photos of this online event.
Tournament bracket is below.

Game: League of Legends
Venue: Online - NA Server
Date: Saturday, the 7th of November 2015
Teams: Elo-balanced
Format: Round robin into single elim. finals

Tournament Winners & Prizes

1st Place: 1600RP, Triumphant Ryze, and a 4-Win IP Boost for each player
+ SupaFatSack, AzureElegies, Kobi the Koala, Neuroid, Ryuko Matoi
2nd Place: 1200RP, and a 4-Win IP Boost for each player
+ SRV IS SRV, HaVoK DeToX, GOOOOOOOOOO, Kiyokami, KillCr7
3rd Place: 800RP, and a 4-Win IP Boost for each player
+ Keng Teong, The TCHammer LP, WazZzaA123, A Godly Bullet, Sh0dan
4th Place: 400RP, and a 4-Win IP Boost for each player
+ pspman, Kiss the Devil, Jadrool, The Brink, FluffayX
5th-8th Place: 4-Win IP Boost for each player

Tournament Recap

           The online tournament to end them all. With the reduction in online prize support, we decided we needed to hit the 80-person mark if we wanted to have good enough prizes to justify an online tournament. By marketing the tournament to every league audience imaginable we were able to somehow get 80 unique people online to play league of legends at the same time for our tournament. This tournament had by far the most game-day issues of any tournament to date. We had people ragequit and dropping out left and right in the group stages, yet we were able to put out all these fires and keep the tournament running. To punctuate the craziness of this tournament, at the end of the group stage we discovered we had a smurf on the #1 seed of one of the groups. We had to make the controversial judgement call to disqualify that team. A word of advice to smurfs/account sharers - if you're going to play Riven on an account with no Riven games in ranked, at least remember to have your summoner spells in the correct spots. F is for Flash!
        Ultimately the top three teams would only feature a handful of Nerd Bird regulars - Neuroid on the first place team, SRV is SRV in second, and Keng Teong in third.

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